Favorite headphones for vocals under 1k?

What are your favorite headphones for vocals under 1k and why?

I’m assuming everyone likes different qualities in the vocals, for me personally I prefer female singers, I like the vocals to be as forward as possible, even if they get shouty at times, though the consonant “s” range fatigues me on bad recordings.

The best vocals I have heard are from the beyerdynamic T1.2, its a shame that they are recessed/laid back cause they sound so incredibly natural.

My favorite can for vocals currently is the 6xx, but the one time I heard the elex its forwardness blew me away.

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My favorite for vocals is the hd600 natutal intimate a little forward very dynamic, after with a otl amp and the right tubes are just gorgeous

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Same here - HD600.

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It would technically be the 6XX, since the only other pair I have are the Clear Mg, which are $1500. But I do prefer those. So I’m going to caveat it and say that I would probably prefer the Elex to the 6XX if I could get my hands on a pair to try them. Also, I haven’t heard the 6XX on tubes, so there’s also that.

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LCD2pf, Tried many headphones including senheisers, beyers, focals etc and LCD2pf has been my favorite because I’m so particularly into vocals in music. It managed to bring good weight, timbre for the vocals and generally great tonality in addition to being good with poor recordings that tend to have harsher ssss sounds


I auditioned the lcd2-c (listening to julieta venegas) and I tought the vocals were awesome, heavy and impactful, but I don’t know if I would dig the dark tonality in the long run, It might have the best vocals for ballads though (in a short test). The elex kinda rekts “chill music” with its heavy slam.

How close do you perceive one to the other in the vocal delivery?

I’ve heard really bad things about the lcd 2-c. Honestly audeze seems to be hit or miss with their shit lol. You would have to really listen to a LCD2pf to see whatcha think

I had the same experience. I thought the elex was gonna be my one and only but the slam was actually TOO much for chill music. Just not a chill headphone. Very aggressive.
And nice Julieta Venegas is legit af

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The Clear Mg is definitely superior, but after I did some a/b testing I was honestly surprised at how well the 6XX held it’s own. Having said that, for as much as the I think the Focal open-backs are the sonic “upgrade” to the 6X0 line, it’s also two different listening experiences. The 6XX is more laid-back and doesn’t have the energy that the Mg has. I’ve found I definitely prefer the way the Mg sounds in most of the music I listen to, but I can see there being music that the 6XX would be the better choice for.

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I 100% agree with this as I think we have either the same or similar setups: I was really blown away at how well the 6XX scales with nicer DACs and amps. Yes the Clear Mg is better on nearly every level (as it should be!) but the 6XX on the BF2 + DV with upgraded tubes (or any nice tube amp) sounds really warm and wonderful.

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Like I said previously, I haven’t the 6XX on tubes yet. Still new to the audio hobby, and don’t want to get into tube rolling right now. But the SE out of the Jotunheim 2 is supposed to have a “tube-ish” sound, like the Asgard 3 and I can definitely tell a difference listening on the SE compared to the balanced. But yeah, they do scale amazingly well, and it kind of makes me a little sad that I just want to listen to the Clear Mg so much more.

Hail the 6xx, if my work takes off one day ill compare it to the clear mg as well, seems to be the ultimate “affordable” focal.

I summon @Not_Daijoubu what do you think about ad900x vs esp95x? are they “similarly enjoyable” in the vocals? cheaper AT tunings have amazed me before so…

What do you guys think of Crinacle saying the Clear MG has somewhat suppressed or recessed upper mids? Shouldn’t that impact vocals? He called it honky.

If they do, I certainly don’t hear it.

Depends. The 95X has a more extreme emphasis on 1-2khz with a somewhat similar relaxation 3-5khz in my experience. 95X sounds less “muffled.” Much more forward female vocals on the 95X, maybe a bit too nasally to some but I don’t mind it personally.

I find the AD900x to have some peaking somewhere in the treble that is a little annoying, but the 95X is very smooth and inoffensive in comparison.

I doubt either can really compete with the naturalness of a HD600 series for vocals, but I do enjoy the coloration of both headphones I have.

On the otherhand, I recently got a Moondrop Blessing 2 and it is hands down the best tuned set of headphomes/earphones I have tried. The wonkiness of the AD900x and 95X are quite apparent after switching from these IEMs haha.

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thanks for the comparison, so I guess the 95x goes for detailed rather than natural vocals. When I used to use IEMS they did have a special “naturalness” that cans don’t so maybe I get it.

Under 1k would pretty easily be focal clears imo. Even if you are only interested in new the classic clear is on close out 990. 2C are probabaly my favorite male vocal can I own, but I think clears take it for female vocals. Honestly, of everything else listed, I don’t think anything is at the same level of sound quality as clears here (thiugh I havent heard beyers) and with it excelling at the field you would like it feels like a fairly easy pic imo

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HD600, AD2000, R70x, SR325, D5200, W5000 and W1000

Have you heard the ad2000? how do they fare

Cant get clears for less than 1k in my country </3 id rather save for the mg when the time comes