Favorite song per genre

So I’ve found some good songs from the favorite song thread and others but alot of genres in there might not be to everyone’s liking so please post 3 song from 3 different genres! They could be your favorite song from each genre or just a song from the genre that you wish to share. Im curious to see more specially from other genres that we might not see as often in these threads!


Numetal - ‘Too far gone’ by Cane Hill
Classical - ‘Symphony No. 92 in G Major’ by Franz Joseph Hayden
Techno - ‘Pursuit’ by Gesaffelstein

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Freak (lol):

Edit: Youtube links!

DnB: Kobaryo & Matabi Sound System - Summon Battle
Blues: John Lee Hooker - The Healer

I am not sure about the Genre on this one:
Within Temptation & Anneke Van Giersbergen - Somewhere

Listening to the classical song right now, quite long,as expected with classical, but very nice! Has a almost magical feel to it very dramatic piece and now again quite upbeat! I dig it

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I do love the dramatic

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