Favourite Dac chip

Geeky as fuck I know, but I Really like the Es9018s in my Fiio X7, I also really like the AK4499 I heard in the Sp2000.
I remember Wolfson was FOM in Ipods, they were based ten minutes from my old flat in Edinburgh, had a tour once but could only look through windows into fabrication plant where the magic happened. I remember being surprised at the low yield they had, lots of binned chips.

It’s either an R2R or a Burr Brown chip. But then again the implementation matters more than the chip tbh

MCP 4902-E/P

  • cheap
  • SPI interface
  • does not realy care about voltage, DIL14 package

Oh… we are talking audio ones? Hmm…

AKM Ak4493EQ’s are okay, I guess.