Fearless X Crincale DAWN

It looks like fearless are making an IEM most likely tuned by crinacle. distributed by linsoul.
should be a pricey one given the specs 8BA and 2 sonion estat drivers. seems super interesting. whether it’s per ear or not is not specified.


Noooo not more fake estats lol. Well I don’t care if they are able to integrate them well. Seems like has the potential to be pretty good

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Were you able to try the Empire Ears Wraith at Canjam?

Yes, it was alright imo

what is an eatats?

Fixed now lol

explain how a multi driver IEM is a fake eStat?

So they have the estat drivers in there, but you wouldn’t be able to drive true electrostatics from a regular headphone amp, so they are either precharged for modified to work for low voltage

my bad, I missed the mention of estat…I saw ‘sonion drivers’. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’d be funny if he trashed it on his own list

Lol e rank on the list. I will assume he won’t put it on his ranking list due to being involved with it

well…I can understand why he would have it on his list. it has to be tested…and it’s gonna be tuned the way he / they want. however, it needs to be presented in such a manner to offset the potential conflict of interest / bias that will exist.

Something crincale-related :stuck_out_tongue:
(Joking: see typo in the thread title)

What would be worse, E-rank, or B-rank for 1000$+ but right next to the B-ranked 5$ Sony MH755s? :stuck_out_tongue:

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they are now available to order and these are not cheap in any sense of the word. I knew these were going to be expensive but wasnt expecthing it to be this high…

Well, I’m glad they didn’t sacrifice performance for cost at least lol

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Crinacle reviewed a ton of IEMs more expensive than this, so I’m not surprised.