Figured I'd be the first

soooo, I know my pick but I shall start a discussion anyways… which one do YOU think is better?


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Either one but purchased as a stereo pair. Then an addtional 12in or larger sub for movie SFX.

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For HT use my personal preference based on price, MFG. service and personal experience is Monoprice Monolith series.

I appreciate REL and have had nothing but positive personal experiences with their musical subs but not their HT line, If the same quality goes into their HT products though I can’t see them as a bad alternative.

There are SO many great HT subs. If you are prepared to drop at least $500 and up for HT use you will have a hard time getting something that won’t fit into most basic systems. Once you start spending well past the $10k range on your front end I would begin to reconsider my choices and go for the real heavy hitters and proper DSP, tuning and most importantly set-up of the room for multiple subs in excess of 4 which will then bring your sub costs into the thousands…I’ve experienced a HT set-up like that and it was AWESOME :smiling_imp: It was a world of difference from what we are talking about though :+1:


I was just talking about these 2 subwoofers for funnies, rip