Figuring out gear prices

So in every gear heads life there comes the hunt for a piece of gear that is just uncommon. Im not talking lcd-2 pf uncommon where there are always a few listings at any given time. I mean that one piece that it seems only pops up used ever few months and goes extremely quick.

Since they only pop up every few months their sell histories seem to be non existent and ebay returns nothing of past sale prices.

How do you guys find out a fair used market value for these?

Ie: right now im looking at Hegel integrated units, i dont see any used in the US and only 1 or two demo units. I would be ok moving on the demo but i have no reference if waiting for a true used unit will be worth it

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Seems to me that once you reach that level of rare gear you just have to rely on what the owner puts it up for. As you will be competing against people with deep pockets that have also been waiting and they will probably pull the trigger as long as the price is even remotely reasonable. I like using Hifishark a lot.

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All rules go out the window. Supply and demand reigns supreme in your argument. You’re the only one that has to decide how much you want it. Maybe even post a WTB with the price you’re willing to pay. If it’s good, you may motivate someone that has one, is not using it much and may be willing to sell it to you.

Because of course, as per the Funding Your Audiophile Hobby (Discussion and Q&A) you’ve explained how you’re a true hobby enthusiast and you’ll really enjoy having this last missing piece in your system.


Hifi shark has been awesome. The issue with what im looking for is more about regional availability i think as its still a production unit. The hegels are all over EU listings, just nothing much stateside or even canada. I would like to use the eu prices but the variance cant make an apples to apples conversion.

There are probably some very specialized forums that have these flying around a lot but im not sure of the rabbit holes.

A WTB post is a good idea too, asking for an offer and basing it off what comes in.

Im also looking used vs even a demo from a store as tax can be enough to save a few hundred in some cases