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This is the official thread for the FiiO BTR3k

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • BT 5.0 up to LDAC, Type C USB In, 2.5mm & 3.5mm out
  • 2x AK4377A, CSR8675 BT chip
  • EQ, channel balance, filter settings through app

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does it support AAC?

It does I think

Possibly dumb question: Can someone check if this works with the Nintendo Switch? The original BTR3 did but the BTR5 does not so an answer would be helpful.

Why hasn’t this catched on the same way the btr5 did? I know I should watch the review for both of them and I will before buying but I just don’t have an hour right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Can anyone enlighten me please?

Just got this little gizmo… seems to work very well but Holy crap it is tiny!! Will give it some time before thoughts… Using it with my FH3’s and my Guiderays…

Debating whether to get this or not…

Can anyone shed light on why the BTR3k is good or bad compared to BTR5 or Xduuo Link? I hope to know more about the sound quality aspects. Thanks.

How can i tell at what bitrate and sample rate is my sound playing when connected via bluetooth to the TV? The app only shows the codec used.

Is this thread still alive? I am sorry if I am reviving it again for I currently have a minor hindrance with mine right now. That would be that the damn thing won’t even enter USB DAC mode every time I connect it to my PC, for it seems it does not get detected by Windows 10. I already reset the device and cleared any pairing but alas, the Fiio BTR3K does not show up as an audio device output for my PC and it is getting frustrating.

Still works for Bluetooth mode though, but I do want to use this as a USB DAC so that it can be a convenience every time I hit the road and travel.

EDIT: Doesn’t work as well when it is connected USB-C to USB-C to my phone, man this sucks, and this will be my last Fiio purchase for the first one I had already issues, now this replaced one is having one right now as well, like come on!

Had a good opportunity to evaluate my btr3k yesterday during a 5 hour tattoo session. Very pleased with its performance and battery life. Only went down 20% for the whole session! It sounds excellent and the noise floor is quite low, can finally listen to my Blon A8s without hearing any electrical hum/jitter