Fiio BTR5 weird crackling

i have had my fiio BTR 5 a couple months now just plugged into my pc use it for gaming and music then when i get up to take my dog on a walk i just disconnect and take it with me. Just recently I started getting a strange crackle sporatically plugged in and unplugged unsure what the cause is but its driving me mad. Any advice ? or possible solutions or do I need to find a new Dac/ Amp? I have tried multiple headphones through it and they all make the crackle but not when they are plugged into PC directly.

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When I had the BTR5 this happened to me if 2 bluetooth devices were connected. The BTR5 actually supports multipoint connection but I had just trouble with it. Maybe because of different codecs.

Even after disconnecting one device the noise was still there. Had to power on the BTR5 again and make sure only one source would connect to it.