Fiio E10K Olympus 2 for the Fostex T50RP MK3


Just wanted to know, if anyone has tried using the Fostex T50RP MK3 headphones with the Fiio E10K amp or something that is equivalent in power output to the E10K.
I know the MK3 require a lot of power to drive properly and the E10K will not be able to do it fully, but just wanted to know how bad would it actually be or is it fine if that is my first venture into high end audio.
(The best headphones I have listened to are a pair of CoolerMaster MH750, so I think even if the E10K can’t fully drive them it would still be a major upgrade :sweat_smile: )

Thanks for the replies!

It’s a bad match. The E10K should only power efficient, portable headphones. The T50RP needs at least the power of a Magni to do it justice.

E10k is very weak, some dongles have more power than it…

think those are specs for the usb c model? pretty sure og is 300mw and powers everything I have quite well (low gain usually below half volume for 6xx’s dt880 600ohm etc)