Fiio E10K Olympus 2 or BTR3K amp/dac for Hifiman HE400se?


I am planning to buy the Hifiman HE400se planars (first venture into high-end audio and planar headphones) and have about a 100$ left for an amp/dac.
As this was a gift and I have to get it from a specific shop, currently my choice is between the Fiio E10K Olympus 2 or the Fiio BTR3K (the overall amount of choice isn’t great).
If maybe someone has had experience with these and could suggest the better choice, would highly appreciate that.
(Without knowing about the sound and stuff, my gripe with the E10K would probably be the micro-usb, basically a very small inconvenience and about the BTR3K that it is slightly more expensive and I don’t really need the bluetooth functionality, soo very minor problems in the end)

Either way, any other suggestions are welcome as well, thanks in advance!

Buy a Qudelix 5K for $110.

Single-ended and balanced output, built-in parametric EQ, Bluetooth, decent power for such a tiny device.

One of the absolute best values in audiophilia.

iFi Zen DAC!!! see if you can find a use original. :slight_smile:


Doubling that or alternatively you could go with ifi hip-dac. Have it for my HE-400i and love it. Extra bass button is not necessary, but sometimes I gave the urge to press it and it gives this extra warm feeling

I wish I could check out other options, but unfortunately the situation I have is that i basically have a gift card from one specific shop and the Fiio E10K or the BTRK3 are the best they are offering (checked for Ifi or Qudelix products but nothing came up :frowning: )
I should have been more specific in my topic about the E10K and BTR3K being basically my only choices, my fault, will at least change the title, so if anyone else sees this, they don’t get confused.

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Seconded. I use a hip-dac as a portable and a JDS Atom+ stack for a desktop amp with my HE-400se’s. Both work beautifully, especially balanced with the hip-dac.

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