Fiio E10K worth upgrading?

Hi everyone,

I use my Beyerdynamics DT770 Pro (80 ohms) for general use and for gaming. I also use a pair of Hifiman HE-4xx when listening to music - from Tidal or from FLAC files.

I was thinking about upgrading the E10K on my desk to something better, say a Fiio K5 Pro or a ifi nano iDSD BL but I am not sure it will really make a difference.

Knowing my (basic) gear, do you think it’s worth it ? And which DAC would you consider buying ?

Thanks !

If you want more power, the k5 pro is great and will help out your 4xx as well. It has a built in dac that’s pretty good as well.

The nano isn’t as powerful as the k5 pro, but great for portable and desk use

I would consider saving up for a better pair of headphones though, unless you really don’t think you need an upgrade, but you will get more performance out of a higher end pair of headphones then a new dac/amp

My inital thought was more to get the best of my HE-4xx that will probably benefit from more power and a better DAC.

Do you mean a Senheiser HD600 would be a better buy than a new DAC ? Would my E10K drive it well enough ?

If you wanted the best out of your 4xx, the k5 pro would be great. Just wanted to check if you were satisfied with the headphones first

Of course there are better headphones but I like the imaging and detailed sound of my HE-4xx.

I will check the K5 pro when available, thank you so much for taking the time to answer !

Just a short feedback to tell you that I finally went for the FiiO Q5s.

It’s much more expesive but has all the bells and whistles in terms of connectivity. Now I can enjoy good sound, not only on my desk but in any place using my phone via LDAC. It beats my E10K on everything and by a significant margin, especially on precision, soundstage and imaging. I would also recommend using this DAC/AMP for online fps gaming because the very precise imaging really helps pinpointing your opponent’s footsteps.
I could’nt be more happy with that purchase as the DAC/AMP combo really make my HE-4xx shine.

Nice, glad you like it :+1: