Fiio E12A Mont Blanc

The second of the line from Fiio’s portable amp line.
The E12A is an IEM focused Amp with black noise floor and low impedance so it wont upset any of your Out Z sensitive IEMs (ie AT’s IM BAs, Andromedas, etc).
It has lower driving power than the original E12 and the latest A5.
But on the flipside, it has the longest lasting battery life, almost twice longer than the other two (while also half as strong).

On the most part its very similar sounding with the A5, they have the samqe op amps after all, so for some people with strictly IEM usages, getting a used E12A might be quite a good deal rather than reaching up for the freshman A5.

Overall a very good amp, can mingle with most of the latest gen amps just fine :grin:

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