FiiO EH3 NC- aptX/aptX Low Latency/LDAC/aptX HD,50 hours battery life,1000 hours standby time,Bluetooth 5.0,ADI noise cancelling technology,One-touch NFC,Large 45mm drivers

Oh boy. Right after I just got my TaoTronics SS46.

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Wait has fiio made a headphone before? Like they make iems bit I can’t recall a headphone if not these are actually interesting.

Interesting. FiiO would obviously not put a crappy DAC/AMP inside wireless headphones.

Might be the second “all-in-one” (…wireless headphones are basically all-in-ones, huh?) worth purchasing, the first being the 1000$ Ananda-BT, lol.

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This is the fiio first one bluetooth ANC headphone

THIS is actually very interesting, would lovely to see a review on this

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Great sound, great battery life, rock solid bluetooth connection, can be plugged in via 3.5mm cable, can also be plugged in via USB to use the internal DAC (!), poor noise cancelling damaging the sound.

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And a video.

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Be careful though… QC issues.

Someone in the comments said he bought two pairs and the two were broken… And the first review on Youtube only says “epic fail”, because his pair was DOA. :confused:

That’s beautiful. :no_mouth:

Red and blue = with ANC disabled. (Wired/Wireless is indistinguishable!).
Green and yellow = ANC enabled.

Edit: “Fixed” the image and now we see that 4k hole… still. Interesting.

Yeah, I went to go try it today and those results are exactly as it is in the graph there.
Without ANC it sounds pretty decent, even better than my Taotronics SS46…but flip that switch on and all hell breaks loose.
It really seems like something went wrong with the DSP; the settings are reversed or something. Hopefully they can figure out an update or something otherwise they are going to be in trouble.

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For 200$ for a bluetooth and noise-canceling and USB connection, there’s not much to complain IMHO. Might as well say it’s a feature – two frequency responses, one pair of headphones!

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Except these exist:

And there is a newer version with aptX and USB-C (but only in white for some reason)
I used these exclusively during my trip to Italy, both on the flights and buses around the region.
Excellent ANC and sound from these drivers.
I don’t know why these aren’t more popular tbh.

Waiting to see what Zeos thinks of the sound quality of the Fiios. But the Taotronics are nice.