FiiO EH3 NC- aptX/aptX Low Latency/LDAC/aptX HD,50 hours battery life,1000 hours standby time,Bluetooth 5.0,ADI noise cancelling technology,One-touch NFC,Large 45mm drivers

Oh boy. Right after I just got my TaoTronics SS46.

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Wait has fiio made a headphone before? Like they make iems bit I can’t recall a headphone if not these are actually interesting.

Interesting. FiiO would obviously not put a crappy DAC/AMP inside wireless headphones.

Might be the second “all-in-one” (…wireless headphones are basically all-in-ones, huh?) worth purchasing, the first being the 1000$ Ananda-BT, lol.

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This is the fiio first one bluetooth ANC headphone

THIS is actually very interesting, would lovely to see a review on this