Fiio FH7 vs Fearless S8Freedom/ S8z

The Fiio’s have excellent reviews all around. Highly appreciated if somebody can advise me which one is better overall.

Looking for IEM’s at 500$, but willing to push +80$ if it is really worth it. Any recommendations welcome!

Current setup - Android Phone + USB Audio Player Pro + Hidizs Sonata USB-C DAC + Hifiman RE400 + Tidal.


Been a few threads about those two :+1:


i got lost scrolling on this website and decided to post it as a question :smiley:

i will read them now. :slight_smile:

If anybody is still wondering about this, i have found early impressions on the Fearless s8z here -

to my understanding the fearless’ are a bit more aggressive and V shaped sound sig. please do tell me if you (reading this) know something more about Fearless IEM’s


So far, all of us who have asked this ended up getting the FH7! All of us with that dilemma have also been extremely happy with them! So, all of that to say I can’t speak the the S8s and we are still wondering how they sound … but the FH7s are amazing!

Thanks for the reply.

I’m joining the club too. I ordered an FH7 and BTR5 yesterday. and time has stopped!


Recommend Fiio FH7
DUNU DK-3001 Pro and iBasso IT04 are good too

I had came across these too. (on the headphonelist) But i already ordered the FH7.

please do not pull me back to the abysss!!! i swear i just crawled out of the IEM forums lol (jK)

Welcome to the club! You won’t be sorry!



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Is there any advantage with the FH7 if you run in with Balanced? I’ve read that it does’nt on reddit.

you are using a 1/4th connector from what i see, any advantages there?

I prefer the non-balanced out put of the Micro over the Balanced one on my Nano but i’ve not done a back to back balanced non-balanced on the Nano as of yet.