Fiio FH7 vs OH10


How’s it going? I noticed we didn’t have an FH7 thread yet. I’m itching for some new IEMs, especially as my P1s are going back to China for some rattling in the right driver. What’s everybody’s thoughts on the FH7 by itself, and then vs the OH10? I’m really interested in the FH7 but I’d love to get some more insight, especially from regular people!

Thanks in advance!

The OH10’s compete with the the fh5’s not 7’s. All the people I’ve seen so far (including my own demos) have said the fh7’s are a substantial improvement (at least enough to warrant the cost) over the fh5’s , so I doubt the OH10 are anywhere near the same league. I could be wrong considering I’ve only heard the fh7’s, but I really do think they compete with models around $1000, like the Andromeda’s (especially in their bass delivery).

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Bass delivery on the OH10 is great. I would say though that the staging does compress in very fast tracks(aka busy), so if your a metal head you may notice it more. I don’t care much when I’m listening to noise( :wink: ) but some may be really anal about that and just trash it. YMMV

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Thanks for the reply guys! I went ahead and took the plunge and bought the FH7s! Caved as soon as pay day hit :weary::joy: lol … Have to save but I convinced myself I have to enjoy life lol … They should be here tomorrow! I’m excited!


I really like mine. I have custom Stealth Sonics C4’s that are great and cost slightly more as customs but the fh7 is a great set for universals. I’m sure you will enjoy them. I haven’t heard the OH10’s.

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