FiiO JT1 - opinion/comparison

I was looking at cheap headphones to buy for everyday use to replace my worn out takstars pro 82 and came across the jt1s. Was wondering if I could expect something similar/better/worse in comparison to the takstars or just an opinion in general would be great.

Imo its really nice for the money and competes with other 200 doller set. Its Tuned more towards slightly bight V shape but with really good low end and great vocals and good imaging. I cant say about the inline mic since I was demoing it.

One thing of note is that it benefits from a amp/dongle to push though all the tuning foam in the back. While it sounded good out of my xiaomi phone the imaging was only soso.

Also the design wise its for home use only.

Another headset I would recomend checking out if you dont want to get a dedicated amp would be audio technica GL3 earth