Fiio K3 upgrade to?

I’ve had my Fiio K3 for a couple years now and I think its due for an upgrade. Some people kept saying all the budget dac/amps sound the same, but even upgrading from the old K10 to the K3, I could clearly hear the difference in sound, doing A-B testing with a few different headphones.

Now its time for the next step up, and I need your advice on what would that be.
My current headphones are Thieaudio Ghost, using balanced cable,so the new dac/amp has to have a balanced output and for price I want to keep it under 200$.
So far I have my eyes on the Fiio K7 and Fiio K11. I checked out a few like the Topping DX3 Pro+ but it doesnt have balanced so thats out of the picture.
I don’t care about any other features really, I only use it with my headphones.