Fiio K5 Pro issues

Just upgraded to a Fiio K5 pro from a Creative G5. It’s plug n play, so no drivers or anything. I have it set to system default playback device. Switch is set to USB. i can’t get any audio when playing Fornite. Everything else works, itunes, windows systems sounds, cs:go, etc… Does anyone with this device have any advice or input?

Update; just noticed Fortnite isn’t even showing up in my volume mixer after I launch it.

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sounds more of a fortnite issue then rather than a hardware one

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It does have a driver.
Install the USB DAC driver available on this page
I am not sure if it will fix your Fortnite issue but it adds additional features that are not available via the plug n play generic Microsoft driver.

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same, did you resolved de issue? it works for me in fn for few months then it wont work anymore in fn

Unplugging the device, uninstalling its drivers (if you have installed the ones referenced by artins90), restarting PC and connecting the device again and installing drivers.

Nope. I also ran into this about 3 days into using the device and it wasn’t working in Quake either. Also Metro 2033 Redux would crash to desktop after the first loading scene even though the sound was there. Unplugging the device and removing the drivers and reinstalling the device from scratch helped. Let’s see for how long.