FiiO K5 Pro or Topping DX3 Pro LDAC

Drop has the topping for 180. Besides BT, not sure which one I should get. Using with a pair of M1060’s.

If you want more power and oomph, the k5 pro is great. The topping would be the better choice if you needed Bluetooth or the other features

If you wanted to consider separate units, the topping d10 and the jds atom or monolith liquid spark would also be great choices

Bought the Fiio… Should be in tomorrow. Will report back with my impressions. Dont need BT or a remote. The reliability issues pushed me to the K5. Only a 20 dollar difference but i would need to wait a month for Drop to ship me the DX3.

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Yeah, the wait on massdrop can be brutal some times

which one sounds better out of the two?