Fiio K5 Pro vs Xduoo XD-05 Plus

I want a new desktop amp but being able to take it with me like with the xduoo might also be a great option since my q1mk2 doesn’t have a lot of power.

Both use the same DAC chip which is probably implemented equally well, so my question is what Amp sounds better of these two. I know the FIIO has more power but both have certainly enough.

So what would you choose?

Well if you have any thoughts of portable, the xd-05 plus is the clear winner. I would say that it would sound about equal to the k5 pro for the amp, and might have the better dac implementation

I have the Xd-05 and Fiio Q5s, so pretty close :))
For my ears the XD-05 is the brute force, the Q5s and is the gentleman. Both are to be respected :slight_smile:

NOTE> Im not really an audiophile, it’s like a hobby for me …

Pretty much accurate lol, as you said, if you need the portable power go for the xduoo and if you need the finesse go for something like the q5s

I just wonder if I ‘lose’ any sound quality if I go with the xduoo instead of the full sized desktop K5 Pro

I don’t think so unless you have headphones that are very reliant on power. The k5 pro might be a tad bit better but honestly it would be splitting hairs at that point

Xduoo XD05 plus review:

Fiio K5 pro review:

I like the xd05 plus better