FiiO K7 Dac Amp

Apparently it maybe available later this year?

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Welp, DOA if it’s a thx amp lol, hype is gone

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THX? Darn lol.

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hype is gone on this forum lol not everywhere else if they can massively undercut the other options by like a $100. they should be fine thx is still good tech at the end of the day just not for everyone just marketed like its for everyone

I mean, I guess if you want to have your music sound pretty lifeless and dry compared to other options, sure.

Yeah it will most likely be fine, but I just wonder how much of a step up from like a k5 pro or anything, if it will actually offer a good value

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Yeah this was more what I meant. Sorry lol.

I mean as much shit as they get its not as bad as many make seem to be how dynanmic music can sound still heavily leans towards your drivers the amp doesn’t actively make things sound lifeless its just more clinical than most amps. Its for those who really want the most linear sounding thing possible

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its a good deal in the $250- $300 being a DAC amp and sounding like and other thx amp . the step up is definitely more power, better dac features like more input options banced in and out. and if they do a better dac implementation than monoprice then they certainly would be fine.

Depends on what headphones, with some it will actively sound pretty dead, something clinical would just be more resolving and detail forward maintaining and emphasizing aspects of the technicalities of music, while the thx amps can’t really represent space and accurately present that well, so I would hesitate to call it clinical imo.

It doesn’t sound linear, measures linear, if you wanted something more linear sounding there are other options above and below the price of thx that can offer this better imo

That’s a pretty decent price

thats just my guess and what I would price it to be competitive and attract those who have been holding out for a thx amp of which there are still plenty. what fiio s good at doing are preset eq’s like bass boosts or even filters. and if they can do that well in this case there is definitely something to pay attention to

I would wish they would just work on their own design of amp instead of just slap in thx and call it a day. The m11 imo sounds better than the m11 pro, so fiio already knows how to make a good amp (also see the m15)

i mean china does what china does best aint no surprise. thx is big and only gonna get cheaper as the time goes on but there is aready abuiit f over saturation. I just hope the poor boy amp and dac market improves significantly this year

$350 - $450 territory to stay cheaper than mono price but to be more expensive than smsl cause fiio has a dac included. if they were smart cause Im sure this shit aint that much to make and distribute I would go around $300 realistically its gon be closer to $400

Read this whole discussion about THX tech and I’m glad I’m not the only one that wasn’t blown away when I heard it. Havent heard the 789, but I heard the SP200 and the monoprice portable thx and I was never really blown away by them over the amp in the RME, jds labs EL amp gen 1, or the geshelli archel 2.5 that i have currently. I couldn’t really determine the details of why I didn’t love the THX stuff but what’s being said here makes complete sense to me now.

It’s just overhyped ok pieces of gear really but that’s audio for ya

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I think we are just more sad that the sucssor to the k5 another thx amp

Yeah I just ordered the sound of my EL amp over the SP200 when I had it. Sold it within a week.

Why spent literally millions?
Just buy the same Texas Instruments chip as everyone else, put a proper PSU in place and job done. Maybe try an ST chip if you are feeling adventurous.
Also charge 300% extra to make it audiophile.