Fiio KA3 mobile DAC/AMP

Haven’t seen a thread to this little DAC/AMP yet as it is rather new.
Main selling point seems to be the 4,4 mm balanced out to me.

Just going to copy the specs here for convenience:
DAC: ES9038Q2M
Type-C input
Output (Power):
-3,5 mm single-ended (130mW @32R)
-4,4 mm balanced (240mW @32R)
Decoding: up to PCM 32bit/768 kHz DSD512


Hope this is fine but I thought it would be nice to have a topic for this.

Really wonder if this would do for a good enough DAC to input into cheaper AMPs (like in my case a Topping L30), as well as to have the ability to just run it mobile from a laptop or phone.

The size seems pretty nice for that, along with the USB-C input.

This looks like a solid upgrade from my tempotec :thinking:

Hearing static during quiet passages with Timeless plugged into the phone, randomly dropping sound plugged into the laptop. Bugger

Bloody hell, that is disappointing…
Hope you can return it :confused:
(if that makes sense, depending on where you bought it of course)

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Could I ask how it compares to the K3 sound wise?