FiiO M11 Pro - just announced

This was just announced on their Facebook page:

What stood out for me? THX AAA in a DAP. For 600-700 USD…


Let’s hope it’ll be closer to $600. What’s dual AK4497EQ sound like compared to other chipsets?

Honestly it’s pretty similar to the ak4493 in both sound and measurements. It’s more leaning towards a balanced tone vs common ess implementations which lean towards a harsher more clinical sound. It will most likely have the same fiio house sound.

The real special sauce of the m11 pro will be the thx tech


thats why i dislike fiio, they just never stop pushing out new stuff, making older gen buyers feel like idiots, like those who just got the M11 and now there is an M11 pro

I don’t feel that bad, because I’m perfectly happy with mine, and I doubt I would be able to tell the difference between the dacs, and I don’t really care about the thx for portable. I will be upset if they abandon the firmware and software updates for the m11

that will happen sooner/later, when enough variance of m11 is out

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I might have been excited for this, but since it has the same chipset of the first M11, it still won’t support google play services.

There’s also a THX amp “module” for the Q5 now. (coming soon, or already there? I don’t know).

It entirely depends on their implementation, but it is akm’s top of the line flagship. Just to make a point of comparison, the other two dual ak4497 daps are the a&k sp1000 and the cayan n8 which sell for $2000 and $3500 respectively.

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Its on aliexpress,searchweb201602_3,searchweb201603_55

Man, I can’t choose between getting an AM3D (far cheaper) for my X7, or upgrading to the M11 Pro (Battery life, operational speed).

My most expensive DAP so far has been the Sony ZX300, but it won’t pair with my car’s Bluetooth for some reason (both pair in any other combination I tried!), and it doesn’t make too much sense to have a DAP that doesn’t support Spotify/TIDAL offline storage when I subscribe to both (and a Qobuz trial) and my main point for having a DAP of any kind is to unplug from my phone (and the internet’s distractions) and save my phone’s battery.

The Sony does sound great though… with portable and easier to drive headphones (up to and including the HD 58X or HD 660S), and that long battery life is unique.

Aaaah, what to do.

Sweet jesus, that’s a hefty pricetag. I was looking at the M11 for a long time, but the Pro just seems way out of reach in terms of price. I’m sure it’s great but it’s kind of hard to justify it personally. In the end I think I’m going to lean towards the Q5s and maybe swap amp modules on it down the line. That seems to be the more economically sound choice at least, given its dependencies on Android and firmware updates.

I’ll give them one thing though, M11 / Pro seems to be the best Android based DAPs on the market, that’s for sure. Cowon shat themselves on the user performance side and iBasso cost almost straight up double for the same specs.

TBH the q5s just makes more sense, as it’s not going to have an interface that gets outdated, you can swap amp modules (put a thx one in there if you want), and it’s a better price. Super solid unit. :+1: Also nice with the built in eq features

Fiio M11 pro at $674 with coupon coude: HIFIGO5 on hifigo now

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