FIIO M11 Scan for new music

I am new to my new Fiio M11 (non Pro), trying to retire my unsupported Pono Player. Whilst I have an Amazon music catalog, everything on the Pono is FLAC, mostly default but some 24khz.

I side loaded everything to microSD 2 as I saw Fiio wants to stop using MicroSD 1 for all but Firmware updates due to heat etc, even with the firmware update

My problem is that after downloading all of my Amazon Music, Fiio Music App asked to scan and now sees all of my Amazon music.

However, side loading 100 GB to a newly created Music directory off the root of microSD 2, I no longer see a Scan for new music.

I can navigate to a folder and play something but nothing aside from Amazon is showing up in my catalog of music!

How can I tell Fiio Music to scan for new music?

Thank you! Newbie to the forum. Hope I have posted this in the correct category.

John S.

I asked this question to support @ fiio as well. They responded within 2 days. Side loading music and having the Fiio M11 know it is part of your catalog is done by starting Fiio Music App, selecting Settings (the gear on upper left), scroll through the vast selection of options and choose Scan for New Music. You may select all storage, internal, external microSD or specific folders. Wasn’t obvious at 1st. Now we know where to look!
John S.