Fiio M6 chord mojo Qobuz issue

Hey guys, wondering if you can help me out.

I have the Fiio M6 and the chord Mojo. When I play a 44khz track on Fiio music the light on the Mojo glows red like it should and the music sounds great. However… When I use Qobuz and listen to a 44khz track the light will glow orange indicating 48khz. It also won’t sound as clean and crisp. When I use the mojo on the same track on Qobuz using my PC the light glows red as it should, and sounds amazing.

Any ideas what is out of sync here and how to fix it?

Anybody? lol

How would it? There is a data rate mismatch.

Can’t help you with it sadly.

No way to get the mojo handing all of the conversion?

Also is this typically a problem with running Qobuz or other streaming services using an Android phone?