Fiio m6 dac vs btr3?

Just which dac sounds better? Anyone know?

I use the BTR3 as a DAC into a Cambridge Audio SR20, obvious difference compared to the built in DAC.
The BTR5 is out and seems to be priced around the same as the M6. But has balanced and some sort of FPGA implementation. I’d get one if I didn’t already have the BTR3
Can’t comment on the M6, never heard it.

Thnx for the input! 20 chrt

I can’t comment on the m6, haven’t heard it. I have used the BTR3 though. It sounds fine, but I had some lingering connection issues with it via bluetooth. It would cut in and out enough to be frustrating. The EarStudio ES100 has been far more stable in bluetooth mode if that functionality matters to you at all.

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The bluetooth is complete garbage on the BTR3. I tried to use it in the kitchen leaving the phone on a table. It would cut out too often.

For me the issues I had was the btr3 didn’t wanna stay connected to the fiio app but it always stayed connected to my phone just fine but I was using bluetooth 5.0 aptX HD
Honestly If you don’t mind the size or price I would go BTR5 cuz you get balanced for IEMS and you get a helpful screen but thats just my two cents

I like the Fiio BTR5 better, for portable choice, BTR5 is better