Fiio Q5s battery life

Just wondered what sort of battery life people are getting on these? Best and worst case scenario.

Typically with efficient iems connected via usb to a phone (not charging but no bluetooth) like around 12-15 hours or more. With bluetooth and power hungry headphones perhaps like 7-8 hours add or subtract a few

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Thx. Should have mentioned that I more typically use the Bluetooth connection for convenience. Think I am getting around 4-6 hours.

What are you using with it? Also stock amp module? And I should also mention that if you use ldac that can be a battery life sap, aptx hd is less of a battery hog

Normally just my HD580 Jubilee’s

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The OG 580 Jubilees? Niceee. Yeah that would be a pretty big battery sap. The battery life would make sense with that as those are somewhat power hungry for a portable

Thx for the input. Just use it around the house and I must try it from fully charged with both IEMs and headphones and time exactly what I get.

Yeah that would be a good idea. With iems it should last a fair bit longer

Thx for the IDAC tip as well.

Yeah I typically get 4-6 hours on Bluetooth with LDAC. Am3e module.

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I wonder if the unit I had for a short while was a unicorn or something lol


While i had my Q5s THX AAA module unit powering HD660s with LDAC i was getting roughly 7-9 hours. Volume was 10:30 - 1:30. Anything loader and they did not like the power also the sibilance would destroy me.

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I’m getting an average of 7 - 8 hours as well on bluetooth APTx driving my Argons.

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im getting way more hours when using line in source…
i think it dont use the dac chips with line in so no significant power consumed

Doesn’t that drain your phone battery unless you turn it off in the software?

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I was googling about Battery life. After 2 or 3 years of service… max 2.5 years, got it for my retro setup, the battery is dead. I always got around 6-8 hours with neumann ndh20 which is not enough power it without loosing bass and on higher volume getting bad treble. Now it is only used for my Topping A90 until I decide which DAC to get.
2 hours is max and it gets charged by my anker batter bank since the A90 shows hissing from USB PC power. Today I actually had to use USB power from my PC because the DAC dropped the power extremely fast.

Line Out - awful sound imo and needs a lot of power.
3.5mm at 3 o’clock has better audio and needs less power than NDH20 when used as a DAC AMP combo and about the same as the Sony M1ST 24 ohm.

In 2021 I would recommend the BTR5 or XDuuo DAC AMP with the power cut-off !!!

Edit: I only do not recommend the Q5s for it’s micro USB and no way to use it without charging the battery to 100%. There is a software no-charge in the APP and after 100% it can turn-off, not always and will continue to charge later apparently.

Have you used the BTR5 with the NDH20 and did you get similar autonomy to the Q5s? Or did you mean just because it has that cut-off implemented better?