Fiio UTWS3 2 pin Compatibility Issues

I recently purchased the 2 pin version of the Fiio UTWS3 as well as a pair of Moondrop Aria. I’m having an issue with the connection due to the Aria’s recessed 2 pin connector, but only on the left side. The IEM will disconnect when I use the left controls or if I lay in bed the wrong way. I know the issue is with the left IEM because the right IEM fits fine with both left and right sides of the UTWS3. Has anyone else had connection issues like this?

I’m thinking about buying another pair of Arias from Amazon to see if they aren’t as loose (or at least to see if the left one isn’t as loose so I can keep my current right and the new left if necessary). Or maybe I should return the Arias and buy a pair of Thieaudio Legacy 3 instead for the best possible connection.

But this whole situation is turning me off of the UTWS3 in general. I just want my products to work without tinkering. I know there are probably a lot of ways to fix this (dremel the Arias, buy MMCX UTWS3 with better fitting MMCX to 2 pin adaptor, find a better fitting 2 pin to 2 pin extension/adaptor, etc.) but this shouldn’t need a fix.

Maybe I just got unlucky with this slightly out of spec Aria from the factory and no one else has this issue. With positive feedback, I can just exchange the Arias and return to happy listening.

I actually returned my UTWS3 when I was having connection issues with the right ear. Tried a couple of different IEMs with it and sometimes they would be fine for a few hours, but then they would inevitably start dropping out intermittently.

Have you spread the pins out? Be very careful but sometimes this helps with fitment and connection. My mmcx version have been working great for me so far.

Thanks for the replies. The more I think about it, the more it seems like the 2 pin option was an afterthought for FiiO. Ending with a fat circle works for MMCX but it is very common for 2 pin IEMs to have some sort of recess. FiiO could have made the circle taper to a rectangle or just have a rectangle protrude from the circle.

Since the left UTWS3 works fine with the right Aria, I don’t want to try spreading the pins. I will buy a new pair of Arias to see if I can get a solid connection on the left.

I don’t plan on owning a bunch of IEMs so complete compatibility isn’t necessary - I just want the UTWS3 to work with the Arias. The only other IEMs I have are KZ KST. Custom fit Thieaudio Legacy 3 would be endgame for me. Although the Audeze iSine 10s would be nice sometimes (the wife hates it when she tries to talk to me but I can’t hear through the IEMs).

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I hope it works for you, I’m really enjoying mine. The isine 10s are polarizing people love them or hate them and most say you need eq to make them work. I’m an oddball that likes running without eq and on full size amps. The BT cable just makes it way to dark for me. Let me know if you want to give them a try as I could probably be talked into selling them off…I need to find all my accessories after moving lol.

Hmmm, I might be interested :smiley:
By BT cable are you referring to the Audeze cipher? Or have you found a way to use the iSine with the UTWS3?

It’s the cypher bt cable.

Update: the new left Aria had a tighter fit so I made the swap and returned the loose pair. Been using them a couple hours a day ever since. Both sides still fall out sometimes (left still more often then right) but it’s not as bad as before. Still frustrating but worth it. The Arias sound so good and the UTWS3 enhance the detail and separation imo. Some of it may be placebo, but the true wireless nature adds to the experience of the sound just existing.

Sorry for being out of topic.
Anyone knows if the Moondrop Variations fit inside the case? Thanks

There is plenty of room for my Arias. I can’t confirm variations, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t fit.

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