Fiio UTWS3 are you having issues?

I have 3 of these. 1 came for free with my fd5 off ebay. Bought another discounted locally and had an ebayer send me one i bought but had to do the warranty work myself without them telling me there was an issue.

So the TLDR is dont buy these. Maybe its a firmware issue but my problems on all 3 are

Charging issues. Only one one charges and its the left one and not the right one.

Pairing issues. Sometimes it doesn’t like pairing both hooks and will drop pairing after an attempt at pairing.

Volume issues. Sometimes the volume wont change on the utws3. Powering them on and off fixes it.

They have issues that pertain to general use. When they work, they are great. But when they dont charge, its worthless garbage from fiio. Will a firmware upgrade fix these issues? I sure hope fiio releases one that does.

Ive found a work around to get them to charge such as using one of the charging cases that still charges both hooks and resetting everything and hoping. I dont know why one hasn’t malfunctioned like the other two but i charge them this way since its the only way that i can now. Fiio has released a product that needs a lot of work still. The utws3 is something I wouldnt recommend, unless they can fix the issues that are plaguing the device and its instability in operations.