Final Audio A Series (4000, 3000)

I decided to buy the Final A4000 over the Moondrop Starfields as my first iem. Seeing the hype and limited availability, I thought I would give them a go. Plus I was supporting a local retailer in the process, which was a bonus.
The first thing that jumped out to me was the build and how well these fit and how quickly you forget they are in your ear. They weigh nothing and are a really soft touch plastic that doesn’t get grubby easily. The iem’s feel sturdy but not bomb-proof. The cable feels alright, nothing really stands out in this regard.
I have been testing these iem’s all week and I’m at the 50hr mark so the characteristics could change if Finals own website is anything to go by. The iem’s perform really well to my ears, with only a couple areas I wish were better. soundstage is very nice, dynamics are good and imaging seems decent. Bass is pretty good, you can get some sub-bass rumble out of these and bass is tight.
Mids seem fine. Ever so slightly lacking in energy for a couple tracks where only the midrange is present, at least to my ears.
Treble is bright possibly too bright at times with female vocals, otherwise resolves well to my ears
I have noticed that these iem’s don’t run to there best on mobile, missing out on the lower frequencies where as they are present on the MacBook and atom amp.
I haven’t tested these enough but my initial impressions are pretty good. In non competitive settings gunshots and explosions have grunt and rumble, ambient sounds really immerse you into the space.

Overall, im pretty pleased with these iem’s. They compliment my HD650’s nicely, are infinitely wearable due to their weight and fit and sound great, especially listening to the Tron legacy soundtrack where the orchestra and electronic elements sound grand, energetic and fills my head. (please Disney we need a Tron 3 with another daft punk score)
I would love to see what a more experienced listener has to say and how the A4000’s compare to Starfields, legacy 3’s etc due to the similar price point.