🔶 Final Audio A8000

This is the official thread for the Final A8000

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes

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A sexy set that :+1:

Kinda look a bit like KXXS’s on steroids lol.

Have you tried the iems what do you think of them

I recently did, they are pretty awesome, I almost bought one but I decided to hold off. They are essentially a technicality heavy iem that still sounds very enjoyable and engaging. Timbre is on point, detail is very very good, and spatial recreation is very nice all with a balanced signature, really something I want to pick up in the future.

I’ll be giving thoughts on em soon. They look like beautiful. mmcx removal tool is genius stuff. I must never NOT have one of those


Really liked them when I heard them, curious to see what you think of them. I might pull the trigger on them if I find a good deal lol

Oh you lucky people across the pond…

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Those bad boys (A grade) would set me back the equivalent of $2576.57 in the UK :grimacing::angry:

Don’t tempt me lol, man I want one

one day lol

I actually might be able to get a b stock for cheaper from some people I know, lemme go ask lol

Do it you know ya wanna lol

I know lol, I just have to see what my guy responds with (guy is a final dealer so I kinda trust him a bit more lol, also I can drive and go get it)

[quote=“M0N, post:13, topic:9070, full:true”]
I actually might be able to get a b stock for cheaper from some people I know, lemme go ask lol

Seriously that’s pretty much a $1k saving here in the UK…jealous moi? not at all lol…

Well, I can get one for a similar price and pick it up myself so I am absolutely going for it lol. Man I need to stop

Will let you all know how it is eventually lol


Meh, the tax eBay charges just kills the price (just keep telling this to yourself so you don’t feel bad).

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can’t stop, won’t stop


If you can demo this set before purchase please do. It’s a lot of cash to make a mistake with. Mine are gone. I turned em over for some new QDC and another set.