Final D8000 Pro

Japanese High end…


Really enjoy mine for both work and fun lol, sweet headphones


I think our @Antpage2 needs these…more detail than Utopia’s :+1:

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I do think they are a bit more detailed on lower end setups, but also imo are less amp and source picky than the utopia (so the utopia can scale higher), so if you have less than ideal amps and dacs the utopia isn’t that great of a pick. Also different signature as well than the utopia from my experience, and different presentation

Also I actually grabbed them today to try out on a new japanese amp I got in, really excellent, although I don’t have a japanese dac to go with it lol (well kinda if you count audio note)

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I think if you are of the mind to spend $4299 on a set of headphones then $10k+ for an amp/dac set up shouldn’t make you check your bank balance before you pull the trigger? lol

I don’t think it needs to be that crazy for this one, you could def be happy with spending around 3k ish on the dac and similar on an amp, and then the headphones ofc. Although they do scale with better equipment but for the final I am not sure I would do that

Learn something new everyday, had no idea Final was Japanese until that video

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Nice video, interesting to know that Final was taken over by the founder’s wife. Looks like these things are great minus the comfort. If only I had a spare 4k to drop on these, that and a system powerful enough to drive them properly. :stuck_out_tongue: The weight would probably be a dealbreaker for me though since I seem to be pretty sensitive to headbands pushing down on the top of my head.

I think it’s fairly solid, but I don’t think it’s the most comfy thing I have put on my head, but def something I can wear for awhile imo

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Yeah, I just seem to be mega picky when it comes to pressure on my head haha. I’ve found multiple headphones uncomfortable in this way, mainly the M50x and the K550. I even find that my K612 Pros and HD6xx can sometimes give me pain after only an hour or so of listening.

I can see that, personally I’m not the most sensitive to stuff like that for pressure on top of my head

Neither of those have particularly comfy headbands. Ever had a chance to put on ATH-AD series cans?

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Yes my Dad has a pair of ATH-AD700s that must be going on 10 years old now. I always found them very light and comfortable and I enjoy their sound for certain genres. I’d heard the comfort on the newer AD*00x series wasn’t quite so good but have never tried any of those.

If you were looking in the flagship tier category, the adx5000 is crazy comfy imo

That’s good to know but yeah they might be a little bit out of my price range, at least for now haha. I was looking at some of the cheaper models in the series recently just out of interest, but even some of those seem quite expensive, atleast here in the UK when comparing to the prices in other countries.

Thanks for thinking of me Ohmboy lol. But since i got the Helios ive learned that i like fun/exciting/aggressive headphones, detailed with close soundstage. These headphones almost sound like monitor headphones.

I thought the Utopia might be good for me but the way this guy makes them sound idk. He says their just mid forward. I thought they were a fun W signature. Almost sounds like i should get a Empyrean. Though i did like the fact that he described the Utopia as being narrow. I’m interpreting that to be close soundstage

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I have a set on their way here!


They really are quite special headphones.
Don’t like high impedance tube amps, I use mine off the DNA Stratus, SE out on, low gain, which is ~3 Ohms and works well.

I have a dozen amps here and think I am all set!!
Will be interesting after going thru many sets of headphones.
I am down to my Hedds, Empys, HD650 and Focal Clear MG Pros.
I do have other lesser cans but these are my favorites ATM.


Coming from these, mostly sold…or given away.

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