Finally got the Koss KPH30i aka WTF Koss?! 2: Electric Boogalo

So, after many freaking days, weeks and months waiting for an opportunity to get a pair of these, I finally have it. Since the previous months and overall the year for most people are overall rough and quite frankly a goddamn shit storm, I have decided to start something nice for 2021 just to be positive about it, you know a self-treat after all the things have happened. What can I say? Holy shit these are amazing for that price point and all I can say is that the waiting that I did for these to have stock again, was worth it.

In my opinion these are much more relaxing than the KSC75s when it comes to their differences in sounds, since the KSC75s are a bit on the bright side while these are much close to my preference of it being neutral, but I love both overall. I think the only flaw that I can think about this would be the comfort since there are hours that my ears get hurt from these due to its stock pads but the sounds though? Zeos claiming this one as endgame? Fuck yeah it is!

I might do some modding on these but I think the one that I am curious about doing, would be the pad replacement on these aka using the Grado X3 pads on these since there are a lot of people who did that modding were able to alleviate the comfort problems that they get from the stock pads. I love it, it is overall fire! and all I can say to those who have not owned one, what are you doing? go get yourself a pair for you deserve fucking quality good music on your ears dammit!


Get them yaxiß


I have my KPH30I stock for the moment… I have modded the KSC75 with yaxi pads and a headband, and that lifted the 75s up to be more comfortable pretty equal in sound quality (but different) to the stock KPH30Is. I guess yaxi pads will make the KPH30I more comfortable than stock, and probably lift the soundquality a bit, atleast thats what its done for me on both the Porta Pros and the KSC75s…

It looks a bit more hassle/fiddly (im all thumbs when it comes to such things) to change the pads on the KPH30Is compared to both the porta pros and ksc75, but i do have a pair of yaxi pads lying around for when i feel for trying it out :stuck_out_tongue:

the thing with grado pads is deoending ont the size of your head, the pad’s extradepth add quite a bit more pressure to the plastics supporting the yoke especially where the size adjustment section is. Ive seen a fair amount of kph 30i’s break there already and it’s no secret koss’s builld quality isn’t really high.

Will do, if the Grado pad mod it is what you say is true, and I think I will have no problems about it right now since I think I still have an extra pair of Yaxis laying around for it to be used.

I have been using this for a while now and all I can say is that I am glad I am able to get a pair of these in my hands now. Good god the songs that I hear when I put these on are on point, on point to a degree I can just let myself lay down and just listen to music all day as if I have reached that point of contentment in life.

Every person should have these regardless if they are a fan of on-ear or not, for they are missing a lot without these in their arsenal of good sounds.

Yeah it is a bit of a pain, for you need to sacrifice the stock pads in order to do pad swap and yes I do agree that the Yaxi pads helped the improvement of the sounds since I do own a pair KSC75s as well with Yaxi pads on them.

With that being on, my disdain for on-ears back then waned down for it really is comfortable to the ears as I am not wearing anything at all.