Finding a 4.4 mm PCB balanced connector

I’m looking to experiment making my own headphone amp to test the differences between amp classes. I would like to use a female 4.4 balance connector, just because. But I can’t find any on sale. Does someone have a source?

It is probably easier to get an XLR4 header and buy an adapter to what you need.

Seems to be the case. I need think about a case to use those connectors, then.

I used similar connectors in project. Can use Aluminium or Acrylic (or an old XLR-Patchpanel).
Hole pattern looks like this (is in Millimetre):

I checked Neutrik]( and [Cliff]]( but neither got this mystical TRRRS style 4.4mm connector. It is all Alibaba or headphone cable makers.
To quote Zeos: “Proprietary as fuck!”

4.4 pentaconn diagram:

Moon Audio has a DIY jack:

Thanks! I didn’t found that one. Personally, I would like the PCB one. I sent an e-mail to ndics asking for the connector.

Found this on aiexpress