Finding a replacement for my beloved T1.2

Hi everyone,

I currently use the Beyer T1 (2nd Gen) for use in all my games and media consumption, everything I read about the T1 is glowingly positive and I can +1 for that. I use it with a A90 and D70s for those wondering.

As others have reported, the headband wears quickly and the plastic clamps holding the headphone to the metal forks are starting to wiggle a lot. My 12hr/6days a week use are taking it’s toll on my headset, and seeing as they are disc.

I’m wondering what else is out there these days that could compare or better them?

It’s been a couple years since I looked into this last and figured this is the place to ask!

beyerdynamic is very good about selling replacement parts for even discontinued products. I suggest checking to see if the prices are low enough to just fix the prices that are wearing out. @Falenkor might want to chime in since he’s dealt with t1.2 headband issues.

Thanks for suggesting that!
I’ve looked it up - here it is for anyone else that’s interested - Search results for: 'T1'

It’s a good option, thank you. But it’s a little on the pricey side given I’m getting a replacement headband that will have the same problems, and relies on me being not clumsy and being able to put it all back together xD

I’ll definitely consider it :slight_smile:

Compare to the T1 2nd gens you mean? Very subjective take there I haven’t found many that are “better” so to speak just different in technical performances based on their sound traits such as hifiman having more air but very little in terms of bass by comparison or focal for its dynamics.

You could theoretically try the cousin to the T1 2nd gen which is DT 1990 they are different but quite similar… the actual brother to the 2nd gen that still exists since 2nd gen was discontinued is the Amiron Home but these are very different in terms of comfort and can potentially be viewed as incredibly sharp

as far as headband, it really depends overall on a few factors… if your in UK region beyer tends to charge less for the headband part itself, but if your going through their repair facilities through USA expect to spend anywhere between $250 - $450 for the headband… it’s a fatal flaw in the all 3 generations of T1 unfortunately… least it lasts a very long time though. For a while there I just kinda pieced it back to the headphone and added some adhesive…