First Audiophile headphones for my wife

Hi All, I’m looking to buy a pair of headphones for my wife for gaming (rainbow six siege). She currently uses a steel series headset which is just horrible. I want to introduce her to quality audio.

I have seen good reviews of the PC 38x but the mic doesn’t seem to be that good.

What other headphones would you recommend?
I have seen the 6xx and others have recommended the Monoprice M570 but would like to see the consensus.
I would just pair with a Modmic. The DT1990 seems just a little expensive for the amount of use they would get.


I have the Sennheiser HD600 that are pretty much “the mixing engineer” standard. Those are really good. The new Sennheiser HD560s have received stellar reviews, but I have not tested them myself.

I use the HD600 headphones also for gaming and they work awesome. They need a headphone amp though as they are 300ohm. The Schiit Fulla works great for gaming:

Sennheiser HD560s is 110ohm, so they will probably work OK without a headphone amp.

The mic on the pc 38x is just fine. My friend has it and he is one of the better sounding ones on the voip. It does condense your voice a little but imho thats a good thing st times.

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If she does not mind wired, but wants overall comfort for long gaming sessions? No doubt in my mind the Cooler Master MH751/752 are a must have for people who likes to game a lot, not only it is that good for gaming but it is also that good for music, and other things as well. Hell, even the mic from those things are crystal clear like man it’s sounds so natural to hear your voice from the MH751/752. Ear pads? no need to replace them, for they are so comfortable as if I am not wearing headphones anymore.

Well in case you’re wondering, the difference of the the MH751 and MH752 is that one has a USB DAC while the other one doesn’t. Overall, similar headphones though and I cannot consider them as your usual shitty “gaming” headset when it is not even one, for I consider them as a studio headphone rebranded as one.

What is the accuracy and imaging like? Since it will be primarily for rainbow six siege needs to have accurate imaging to pick up those tiny footsteps.

What’s the imaging and accuracy like? Need those footsteps.

Have you had any experience with the 58x Jubilee or 6xx?

Hey there, figured I would chime in here.

so you want to introduce her to quality audio and she plays competitive video games… does she do any music listening as well perhaps have sound preferences that go along with that? Potential movie listening or anything? Is there other games outside of rainbow six? Some headphones are really good for competitive but can be a little lackluster or annoying for alternative uses.

It’s one of the best of the “gaming headsets” for an open back mic is respectable but nothing fantastic just passable. Though if you wanted it for music, I would say hard pass on that one.

What kind of budget are you looking to work with here? Do you have an amp/dac or willing to get one? Higher grade headphones are going to require some power.

The HD6-- series from Sennheiser are very nice with their neutrality and tend to be more focused towards vocals. For gaming they are much of a jack of all trades as they generally fit in any area you want to use them in though, depending on which series you get 6-- series or 5-- series will depend on the soundstage. In the case of the 6 series they have very narrow soundstage so it’s not good for hearing far away noises as it’s very intimate meanwhile the 5 series has the larger soundstage but admittedly not as good of sound in my opinion so while you will hear further away and place things better that way you lose some sound qualities.

this is what I would recommend as well as a direct entry level into higher grade… despite being a gaming headset it still has a good sound and is tuned to be better for competitive while remaining cheap.

well that and 752 does have that equalizer software as part of it… gives it a bit more flexibility.

relatively average… closed backs are a bit more limited but in terms of comparing it to regular gaming headsets? better than about 90% of them.

58x is part of the 5 series 6xx is part of the 6 series. 58x will be naturally better due to larger soundstage but 6xx has more scaling with amp/dacs bit cleaner, more detail, just better sound to my ear. Both are relatively neutral so really no tuning benefits to the signature.

I can definitely recommend quite a slew of headphones, but I do not quite have enough information in this regard to what your searching for regarding sound preferences, budget, console or pc, amp/dac vs ampless, if music is involved what genre… stuff like that.


Thank your for your reply,

hmm, alright good to know. Though if it’s around the house maybe she’d appreciate a good set of speakers later instead of thinking she’d wear the headphone.

hmm, something with an optical port. Soundblaster G6 would be good in this case and you could just upgrade the amp later to a dedicated unit keeping G6 as your dedicated dac… it also introduces 7.1 virtual if that’s your thing and recon mode to help with footsteps artificially again if that’s your thing… I believe soundblaster X3 has optical too but not at home to check been a while. Should be able to snag the g6 right around the $110 margin maybe cheaper I snagged one off 3rd party at $90 and they can power up to… I want to say above 300 ohms but going to 600 ohms could push it… it didn’t seem to struggle -too- much on my old beyers though at 600

mh751 are the absolute entry level gaming headset into higher grade audio. You don’t need any extras for those they are good out of the box. The mh630 and it’s two others are the more fun variant to that.

HD560s are super neutral with a touch of brightness.

however, going off sound demos honestly I am not quite sure why people use those as you get more characteristics from what you listening to the video with than the actual headphone. If you were able to pick out the certain details than awesome. 751 and 560 both have brightness and are more balanced out so she may prefer brighter headphones which is fine. If she prefers bass I will take that into account as well since she plays some other games that make use of some low end.

Ampless: In this case? due to the sale price on the tygr I will say that immediately first… it’s a warmer signature with a touch of brightness some slight recession to the mids very large soundstage with a speaker like presentation and laser accurate imaging. This particular headphone does not fail anywhere except mids and scaling for audiophiles due to low ohms and being catered to the gamer crowds.

Amped open back DT 880 250 ohm + amplifier. The 250 ohm can be found right around $100 - $125 on the markets quite often and you can snag the g6 for this and works fine. This won’t have as good imaging as tygr but it has a better sound and more brightness… if you prefer the tygrs over this you can freely skip this as tygrs win in imaging and soundstage without worry of sibilance or amp.

Ignoring Music Ampless Open Back: PC38x sucks at music due to lacking in like every department to my ear but does splendidly in any competitive venture unless you play larger fps.

Closed Back amped: DT 770. V signatured so mids are not very good, same price ordeal as 880. Best in 250 ohm. has a bit too much in the bass