First ever speakers! please help :)

Hey I am new here and a complete audiophile noob and would love to get some speakers for my desk setup! I game and listen to music genres like oldschool rap, indie rock, lofi and 80s soull.

My budget is like 350 ish can be a lil more for the speakers and like 150 for a amp or dac if needed… I have no clue thats why haha. I might care about aesthetics more then the sound signature… but I also love a warm and detailed speaker if I can get that for my budget.

I am looking forward to all the replies :slight_smile:!

PS: thats my desk setup on the picture!

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Hello! Welcome to forum!

I have the Emotiva Bass X-A100 here.

Planning on getting a set of these as well from Emotiva as well

If you want powered speakers these are very popular and sound very good.

Hope this helps. The Emotiva speakers, if they will fit on that desk, have been pretty favorably reviewed from what I have seen.

Thank you for the reply

I dont know if they will fit haha but thank you anyways. For the speaker I dont know if I like the Aesthetic of them :upside_down_face: I care about both Aesthetics and sound, I prefer a wooden natural look! Maybe Bookshelf speakers are better for my case but I dont know. Are the Klipsch RP 400 or 500M any good ?

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I honestly don’t know a lot about that line but I know the 600m are an outstanding horn speaker that sound absolutely amazing! The 150m I know are pretty good for the price and that Bass X amp, if you’re interested in it, should run those fine. Bookshelf speakers can get a little big though so be mindful of space if they are going on a desk. I’m running into that issue myself.

Oh yeah right… My desk is quite big, doesnt look like it tho on the picture. There are soo many speakers to choose from haha I am watching alot of reviews and it doesnt much good for my choosing struggle :smiley: Thanks for the advice!

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Believe me I know. I’m getting into speakers as well and having the same problem.

You’re welcome. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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i was about to recommend the iloud micro until i read ur comment about aesthetics lol. well if so i really liked the micca rb42 soundwise and aesthetically. However i haven’t tried many speakers so keep that in mind. Detail is great, tonality and timbre are outstanding with great bass and mids. They are bookshelf so they aren’t too big but i think could be smaller for a desk. personally i prefer the ilouds for desk use

Hey, yeah I read pretty good reviews about the Iloud micros but damn they look ugly! haha, I also like those Micca rb42s but idk like you said they are kinda small for a desk…

Thanks for the help tho :smiley:

Kanto YU4 might suite you. Many different color options including bamboo.

Also Zeos loves them.


For sounds good to my ears the klipsch RP line, would even say the R-51. Jamo C series. You could go with a amp dac combo like E30-PA3 and a set of micca 0o0, neumi bs5.

Looking at your desk smsl ad18 or sa300 and neumi.
Just for S&G’s minidspHD pair of klipsch RP-400c and a klipsch R-100sw or swap rp400c with a pair of micca RB42C.

I was actually looking at the R-51! they look really nice and people said they sound nice but other people said they didnt sound right… I am completely new soo, I like the look tho so thats a plus, what amp dac is good with them ? and do they work with a PC.

Hey, they look really nice and I watched that review from Zeosss. They are pretty good!

Im no audiophile but they sound good to my ears. I buy the cheap stuff so smsl AD18 topping MX3 amp and since you have 350 to spend on speakers any of these 3 RP400m, jamo c91II (in white) , neumi bs5.

powered monitors, soundrise stands


Thanks for replying!

are those the brands u like or ? cuz I dont know any models of them… :upside_down_face: those stands are nice looking tho

Hey, thanks for the advice, I am gonna look for a store to see if I like the sound of the 400m I was looking at the 500m before aswell :smiley:

I appreciate the advice tho

i have all but the Adams, i mainly say powered cuz it will keep your desk clean and they are simple, ill list models i have below

Kali LP-6
Mackie MR624
JBL 305

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words of wisdom

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really want to sell you on the neumi BS5 but youre going for looks too. Also if its bad advice youre only out 89 bucks with the neumi.

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