First Planar Under $200

My first time buying a planar and I’m torn on what to get between the M560, HE4XX and T20rp. Looking for big, wide and chill to contrast my 58Xs. I have the topping MX3 and I’m looking for the best overall value. Any insight would help tremendously.

No personal experience with the others, but the M560 is not what you’re looking for if you want big and wide.

Of that list, the HE4xx will be the widest and most neutral and it would get my recommendation for anyone looking to get into planars. The T20 is a big no unless you are willing to mod it (new pads are a MUST for comfort). The M560 sounds fine, but it’s not big or wide.

In general, planars aren’t going to be too big and wide. If that’s what you are after, I would suggest looking at the AKG K7xx. AKG 7 series headphones are known for their wide soundstage and detail retrieval. The trade-off is, it’s pretty bass-lite.

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I wouldn’t recommend the DROP set linked above, it’s nearly a year wait for only a $40 savings… Better to just wait and see reviews first


yeah I was gonna try and get the HE4XX but I’ve never used Drop and I don’t trust that your headphones would be delivered in a timely manner

Used might be worth trying. I’ve only ever bought stuff used because depreciation allows you to get better gear for the same price. I know a 4xx was up for sale on r/AVexchange for $120 a few days ago

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is that subreddit trustworthy?
I don’t wanna get scammed lmao

I buy and sell on it all the time. If you’re buying and selling with PayPal goods and services there is little to no risk because if something goes wrong you have PayPal protection for 180 days from the transaction to file a claim. I dont recommend PayPal family and friends because there is no protection against scams