First proper desktop setup

Hi guys!

First time posting. I’ve been reading and watching videos about audio for some time now and I think it’s finally time to upgrade my desk to be more high-fidelity. Right now I have Logitech Z906 as my speakers and newly acquired AKG K702 as my headphones.

If I am to replace my logitechs with a pair of passive speakers I will definitely need both a headphone and a speaker amplifier.

I’ve been thinking about getting a set like this:

⋅ Speakers: KEF Q100 (420$)
⋅ Headphone amp: Topping DX3 Pro (260$)
⋅ Speaker amp: Topping PA3 (130$)

At my budget the PA3 seems almost like a nobrainer so I think it would be nice to get a stack with the DX3.

What do you guys think about that setup? Would it work nicely or maybe I could go for something better for the price?

I live in Poland so brands like Schiit or JDS Labs are harder to come by and that is also why the prices are a bit higher.

It seems pretty solid imo, would lean brighter for sure if that bothers you, but otherwise that would be a pretty nice stack. What type of music do you listen to, and what type of sound are you after?

I mostly listen to electronic and rap so bass dependent genres. But I still enjoy them on my headphones which are rather flat souding. I don’t think bright speakers will bother me but I would prefer a V shape sound.

Gotcha. So the q100 can have good bass, but with the pa3 it might be a bit lean sounding, it might want more current behind it for a more full sound. I really don’t know too much about speaker amp availably in Poland so, my guess is most of the stuff I would recommend instead would be too expensive or not feasible.

You could consider getting a sub which imo would probably be worthwhile if you enjoy good bass, but you would want to go for a smsl sa300 instead due to it’s subwoofer out (similar sound to the pa3 from my shorter experiences). You just don’t get a really satisfactory bass experience from a bookshelf of this size imo, a sub will greatly improve that

The thing is I live with other people and my subwoofer is almost always turned down to not bother them too much. So I couldn’t get the most of a subwoofer anyway. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to go for 2.0 speaker setup.

Gotcha, well in that case, I think that the original setup is most likely pretty solid. Just wondering, what other bookshelves are available to you?

I’ve been also looking at:

⋅ Jamo S803
⋅ Taga Azure B-40 V.2
⋅ Monitor Audio MR2
⋅ Monitor Audio Bronze 2
⋅ Cambridge Audio SX-60

So yeah a front port would be great because I’m planning to put them right next to a wall. Triangle Borea BR03 are also really nice but a little bit too expensive.

Hmmm is a bit differnt and hard.
I use the Singxer Sda2 as Dac connected on a Denon Pma800Ne,but not really find the right speakers actually.
Next Step is try the Elac DBR62.

In my Living room Matrix audio ipro mini 2S Dac connected on the old Harman Mardon 880 vxi from the 90 ths with Elac Edition one Speakers,holy shit again again and again.

I personally i am not sure as a Speaker amp make a good job.I find a older Stereoamp is the better way.It gives same good amps on the after Market for a cheap way.
Have more possibilitys in all case,more Power,more connection for example.

The bronze 2 have pretty solid low end without being amp picky, also worth a look imo. The q100 has better imaging and more soundstage depth, the bronze 2 have better timbre and a more thick sound imo, both are fairly detailed but I think the q100 might have more detail in the treble and the bronze more detail in the bass

Ok so I will try to make my pick between those two. Thank you for dispelling my doubts and for your time.