First purchase for gaming amp

hello im kinda new when comes to audio equipment but always wanted to try some so but list of couple things one them is Sennheiser GSX 1000 wanted to pair with decent pair headphones my choice was ATH-M40x but dont know of it was advice to do because read couple threads in different fourms says its sound stage is weak and there other options out there but dont know what to choice which headphone to pair with my amp, what im looking for its clear audio and decent sound stage something for music and gaming so any recommendation is welcome.
sorry for the bad english

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Well, what type of music do you listen to, and what games do you play? Also what would be your budget for the headphones? The m40x would preform admirably without issues if you wanted to try one out imo

The GSX 1000 will cover you pretty well on audio interface front. Is a pretty versatile unit, especially when you also need a mic input and maybe want to hook up speakers (or an external headphone amp) in the future.

IMO the biggest flaw of the M40x is comfort. They produce some nice bass and low end though.
They isolate pretty decent from the outside world.

I personally haven’t had any issues with the m40x comfort wise but I would call their comfort acceptable lol. There are also other headphone options that would work well too

For me it is a combination of the earpads being too small and the headband cushion being too slim.
Can wear my M40x’s for two hours.

It would depend mostly on your total budget. There are different options depending on budget.

The Dekoni Elite Protein Leather sounded best of all the m40x aftermarket pad options IMO. Comfort was much improved except the headband.

rap and alt rock most the times

400$ is my max for total setup

thanks guys for replays that was fast :smiley:

Gotcha, well if you are looking for something clean with a wide soundstage, that also preforms very well in games, the beyerdynamic dt880 600 ohm is a really great pick, but the senn amp might not be able to power it, there are other options though

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thanks for info :smiley:

Just purchased some some V-Moda M100’s used on Amazon for $100. Probably a catch and release, but wanted to test it out for gaming and music. I don’t believe these need an amp, but I will admit that I didn’t look at it’s specs before purchasing.

No not really, you should be just fine :+1:

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Totally blind purchase, but just getting bored sitting at home “working.”

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I feel ya, “working from home” can really get to you (I’ve personally been going ham with dacs and amps lol)


I’m trying really hard not to purchase an RNHP amp since my distaste for my SP200 has reached it’s peak.


Schiit Hel maybe?
That should have way more power available to it than the Sennheiser unit (2.5W USB spec on the Sennheiser VS 10W from external PSU on the Schiit)

I mean, if you don’t need the mic I would instead just grab a heresy or 3+ and a nice dac over the hel. And if you did need a mic then imo there are more flexible ways of doing so

Right… the mic is a whole different aspect to consider.