First time modding advice M1060 headband question

I have a pair of M1060Cs that are really irritating my head so I am considering swapping the headband. The 1060s also seem like a pretty popular modding headphone so I figured I would ask here before sinking money into doing a project that was doomed to fail.

As this is my first time modding a pair of headphones I was hoping to find the least destructive way of swapping the headband that is possible. I found that HIFIman is selling their original band, which I have always liked from my days with the HE4xx, they also seem to have a similar yolk to band connection as the 1060s. It seems like it may be possible to simply unscrew the yolks of both bands and swap them which seems like a perfect solution if possible.

Obviously I am inexperienced with the modding scene and if I am way off base just let me know. Included a clarifying image for reference

Originally inspired by these but the post was unclear about the actual labor it took to fix the two together:

HUm… no replies ? :’(
I am interested too!
How did your project go?