First Time Speaker User - Room Setup

Hello everyone,

I just bought a pair of Vanatoo Transparent One Encores, and this is my first time getting audiophile speakers. With that, I was hoping you guys could get me started on how to go about maximizing them.

I will have an entire small bedroom dedicated to my audio setup (aside from a work desk), so in terms of space I have a lot of flexibility. My plan is to have a recliner in the middle of the room and speakers on either side.

Are there any recommendations on speaker distances from my ear and the wall? And I’m not really looking to put sound-proofing tiles on the walls or anything, but I’m happy to do little things to improve the sound.

I also need stands for these speakers. Are there any recommendations for speaker stands, or tips for what I might be looking for in a stand? I can budget about up to $100 for stands, and it would be nice if they were adjustable so I can place them right. If I remember right I want the tweeters lined up with my ear.

Any other tips for what to do with my speakers or for the room would be greatly appreciated too!


AFAIK the speakers and the listening position should form an equilateral triangle.

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Great questions to ask here!

As what Maze said, after you figure out your arrangement, I would recommend trying your listening position in multiple distances away from the speakers. For example, trying 3ft away, moving to 5 ft away, and 7 ft, and so on before you find your reference.

Amazon would be your best bet to find stands around that price.

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find your chair your going to use first, then find stands. i personally use my speakers away from walls as i don’t like the muddy bass at all you get from getting extra bass being closer to the wall. i like to give my speakers a couple feet. the wider you can space them in a small environment, the larger of a soundstage you will get.

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Tweak tweak tweak. place your speakers in many positions. More importantly get a rolling chair. Listen to some music. Slowly move around the intended sweet spot in the chair. Listen carefully and you will begin to learn that the most subtle movement in your chair can dramatically change what you are hearing. Kinda like being a human eq. You will unavoidably find that magic spot where everythings snaps into perfection. Thats when you realize this is what its all about. Mind you it doesnt require expensive gear. But it sure does help.