First timer looking for advice

Just joined the site from watching DMS today for the first time. To get to the quick, I own Hifi man 400is and in the market for something new. 200ish is where I’m at since I need a good amp too. Been using Schiit Fulla2, not bad really.

I’m, was a pro musician, timbre, Soundstage, detail are my hot points. I’ve got it down to Senn 560S and Meze Noir. I don’t own any other cans to compare the 400i to. I’d appreciate opinions on both AND other suggestions if you feel I’ve missed something. I’ll go to 250.00

Im looking at Topping A50s DMS very favorable review. I DO OWN the 50S too. Many many amps out there. Schiit stuff… Today I spent 2 hours watching videos on JDS amps, very compelling. Tube amps… I guess I’m open, tube rolling adds extra costs. This is my first post, I’ll be reading through many posts here to meet up and learn. Thank you Michman.