🔶 Fischer Audio FA-011AE

This is the official thread for the Fischer Audio FA-011AE. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • Need Pad Swap
  • Amp needed!
  • Open Back

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Z Reviews

These headphones don’t get talked about enough. But I dont think they are made anymore either.
Anyone else have these?

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Can confirm not sold anymore. I’ve been hunting for these with no luck for awhile now. How do like them? What source gear do you pair with them?

They are underutilised by even me.
Buuuut, when I do break them out, they do sound very nice.
The highs are a bit more prevalent with these, than say the HD6XXs, everything sounds crispy as a result. There is maybe just a little bit of sibilance in some vocals too. Mids and Bass are solid though.

I’ve got a bunch of gear that i swap around.
I’m using an ENOG2 > RebelAmp at the moment and it pairs nicely.
THX 789, and Geshelli Erish also pair phenomenally (but thats pretty common with all headphones)

Listening to them now, its really prevalent that these have some really good soundstage.
Bass is really thick without neither the mids or highs being blocked up.
Highs remain really tack sharp and snappy.

Thanks for the feedback :+1: they sound pretty nice. Have you thought about a tube amp for these? Apparently it’s a good fit

I’m not a big fan of tubes. But with the Massdrop CTH I have on hand it sounds pretty good.

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