Fixing a volume pot

So I’ve been having issues with my BasX A-100 for a while where if i turn the knob, it’s scratchy and can result in channel imbalance enough to where one channel won’t work at that setting. If i leave the pot alone and use my Ol Switcher, it’s fine, no problems.
Got the board with the pot out just fine. Was actually kinda easy. Looks like there’s 8 pins, two rows of the with two more on the sides. Search results for the code on the side result in nothing, but I’m guessing it’s an A20K potentiometer based on the printing on the side.

Any suggestions on cleaning the pot?

Deoxit D5

I’m curious to see if you’re able to fix those issues, with Deoxit D5 or not. You’re not the first person I’ve seen with that problem here, and I have the same unit with the exact same problem you describe.

I have a can of the D5 I used on another amp and preamp recently and have plans on trying this on my BasX too, but I’ve just not gotten around to it yet.

I’m skeptical that cleaning the pot will solve it only because my unit has been doing this since day one when I took it out of the box and started using it. It hasn’t gotten worse, but it’s also never improved either. Combine with the fact that you have this problem and others as well leads me to believe it’s not a dirty pot problem. I’d like to be wrong though.

If it’s not, I may have to call it e-waste and replace, as much as I’d rather not, as I can’t seem to find a replacement pot. I’m wondering if it’s something proprietary to Emotiva.

Same here. And I hit that wonderful snag with the volume pot having some Op-Amp hooked to it (and the LED-diffusor plate) being in the way.

Didn’t notice the Op-Amp, but only way i really see around the diffusor is remove the pot, clean it and re-solder. That or do the same thing with the diffuser plate

You may want to buy this board and replace the pot. The package looks the same, but I don’t know what about the values

Edit: oj shit, that is an old post… Hope that you got this done :slight_smile:

The A-100 uses a 2-gang (= stereo) 20k (I think) poti.

Edit: Electrically, the “Piher PC16 - D H - 10 I P06 223 B 0505 3D” would fit nicely. Mechanically, I am having some size problems.