Flaking/peeling headbands & how to fix them

There comes a time in every HE-400i’s life when ya just gotta do whatcha gotta do.

This happens so much it deserves a thread of its own. :slight_smile:
So let’s post our headband disasters here and what repairs seem to have worked, preferably with pics.

Right now I’m thinking to look for some textile tape or woven-whatever tape to wrap it in, after the packing tape comes off.

(Earpads not included because usually people just replace those entirely or go around online talking about simply peeling everything off and using them uncovered with anything else as a “fix”. But do post earpads too if you have some brilliant solution for what to coat them in after they peel.)

Get Adorama replacement headbands

If it were possible, I would see if I could use the Audeze one.
That would be much more comfortable and robust.
In the worst case, you could probably cut it out of a piece of leather yourself.

even with color choices

edit: best way would be to replace as others have mentioned. its typically not that difficult with those style of headbands.

Oh. Replace. :open_mouth: I was 100% you couldn’t do that, but now that you mention it I noticed the adjustment sliders its ends come out of have screws on the bottom.

Will have to look for pics or videos of someone else doing that to make sure it’s safe and can be put back together without loss of function, buuut… so far I still like my textile tape idea better - no disassembly required, less risk to the sliders (not trying to win any fashion contests here either; hell, it’s even a form of personalization to wrap them in something that looks a bit DIY :slight_smile: ).

BTW, have you tried this? Does it create the kind of surface you would want pressed against your skin for 1-2 hours at a time?

it feels like rubber, so thats user dependent on whether that bothers you. spray from far away so you get an even, not lumpy, finish

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I think I just found a worse worst-case, in someone’s AliExpress review pic for some weird non-angled hybrid pads. :smiley:

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