FLAT IEM's with bass?

So I’m looking at the Fiio FH7 but has an apparent W shape that not everyone totally digs, although most agree they are very good regardless.

I’ve been rocking the KZ ZS10 Pro and overall very pleased with them, but I got out my Tin T2’s last night and the amount of additonal detail there in the treble was really nice. The ZS10’s sound dark in comparison, but the bass is definitely better.

So is there any thing in the 450 or less range that is super flat (seems to be the tuning I gravitate toward) and has really good accurate bass extension, speed, texture?

The etymotic er4xr might be a good choice or the ARC Pollux. Pretty dang neutral (flat response)

Just read the Arc Pollux review quickly. Not sure the Bass would satisfy being single BA and given the listening impressions of the reviewer. Sounds like they’d be great otherwise.

The ER4XR I’ve already decided against due to the form factor, fit, attached cable, etc.

Ah, well I mean getting a flat response in an iem can be a bit difficult. The Ultimate Ears Reference Monitor and the InEar Prophile-8 are very flat with multiple ba (own the inear, pretty great) but it is pricey

If this is an accurate measurement of the FH7 I’d say they’re pretty damn flat, and a tasty progressive slight rise in the bass I think I’d really enjoy.

I need to try a set.

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I mean the fh7 is great, actually pretty even, but it does actually sound a bit w shaped. Would recommend for sure though

I wonder if Fiio will have an 11/11 sale to US buyers?

This an easy answer .I literally compared the blon 03 to the kz zs10 pro off fiio m11 with some bee foam tips on balanced 4.4.The pro in my opinion lacked the details in the mids ,it sounded mushed.Then I switched to the blon 03 and I got the details plus the bass.Also the blon sound more wide,open and just for 40$ in my opinion it’s well worth the investment compared to 500$.Sounds like a good gamble.

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That doesn’t mean the Blon 03 is flat.

That graph is a bit skewed, reading from 0-140db, (and probably very smoothed) as it’s a graph put out by fiio marketing.

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Here’s BGGAR FH7 review with his fr graph…

Fearless S8pro might be worth a listen?..but if you want to double up on the​:moneybag:spend then the AMCA8 would rearrange a few brain cells with it’s BASS :+1:

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The iem with the best bass I have ever heard has to be the Hyla CE-5 and I had to pick one up after that

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A FH7 fr graph showing the 3 different filter responses…

Plus there’s supposed to be a new Fearless hybrid coming with a DD which should be good? not sure of the price mind
Might wait a little longer till these come out before I choose between the S6F or the FH7’s too :+1:

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I got the KZ ZS10 Pros. I just got the KZ AS06 this week too.
AS06 wins for bass (specifically: violent drum kicks) and the treble is crisp.
3x balanced by ear. Full balanced, analytical, lacking mids a bit though.
Seriously, I could fall asleep with my KZ ZS10 Pros and with my KZ AS06 I don’t need coffee. Lol.

Edit: Also there seems to be a 10khz peak, not seen in graphs… for me anyway.

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