Flat Speakers under $150?

Looking for relatively flat speakers (studio monitors or not) passive or active for an upcoming recording project.

Preferably something that is tuned well for guitar, bass, and drums.

Once again, passive or active will work so I’m hoping that expands my options.
Used or new is fine too!

Thank you guys.

are you opposed to building a speaker? in your price range, you can get much better flat offerings with a little DIY.

edit: also 150$ for the pair or 150$ each speaker?

edit2: and how flat is flat? how much room do you have to work with?

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119$ each on sale

those are fairly thin and down ported so can go directly on wall

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I took this to mean “flat” tonally, not physical shape of the speaker. @adam can you help clarify your specific requirements?

hi there, i totally meant flat frequency spectrum wise. i just need something reliable for recording purposes!
$150 for the pair. am i dreaming?

flat tonally, yes my bad
for recording

I’ve never heard monitors directly but they would probably be your best bet for work. HS5 Yamahas have good reviews on Amazon and there’s some Pioneer DJs on sale for your price range and some Mackies that have good reviews.

For HT tuned speakers, stay away from Klipsch, way to bright. Polk might not be too bad or the Pioneers again. Not seeing any good sites with a frequency response graph to help you choose though :confused:

From my own experience, I have both the Adam T5Vs (A little more money 350-400 a pair) and the Kali Audio LP6s…350.00 a pair. Both are studio monitors and both can be pretty flat for recording… I love both but as I said they may be above what you want to spend…

But the T5Vs already have his name on them!

Good point… He would not be unhappy that is for sure… Those ribbon tweeters are amazing.

I have the Adam T5V and the JBL305P MkII. I like the TV5 better, but the 305P are very good once broken in and can be had for under $300/pair.

for $150 a pair there is really only the Presonus

that’s a lotta damage

Mackie studios are fairly flat and cheap. Good at low level listening as well.

If you have wood glue. The overnight sensations kit is easy to build and is about 120$. 40$ chifi solid state amp and your gtg.