Fluance SX6 (!)

Thanks, Zeos, for recommending the Fluance SX6. I can’t believe how impressive they sound for the price (especially since I live in Canada so, free shipping). Bought them 6 months ago. Angled on a high shelf in my room, they sound tight, percussive (well, they’re big ass “bookshelves”), and yes, obviously, the tweeters sound glorious. When I saw the frequency response graph on their website (confirmed by the website “noaudiophile”), showing the flat (ish) line from 10khz to 20khz, my jaw dropped. I’m used to look at headphone graphs, in which 99% of them fall apart at 10khz.

I mean, I just don’t get it. They don’t sound like speakers. They sound like 400$ headphones or something… they sound like I’m there and I can “see” the imperfections on the cymbals and… wow, anyway. That’s the magic of decent tweeters (plus percussive woofers in huge boxes), I guess.

Sure thing, screw the Logitech crap, this is quality. This is at least 10 times the sound quality of their 5.1 in a box for the same price.


Hi from Canada! I got SX6 for 3 years now and I have same positive experience as you do. My DSP correction is to boost 45-55 Hz at +3 +4 db without cutting the hights. I also noticed that distance and height positioning are very important to achieve the maximum from these.
Moving to KEF Q100 was an upgrade mainly in imaging aspect.

If you want a much more detailed review look at the site Fluance SX6

Impressive how the neutrality changes with dsp correction as can be seen here 2 no dsp correction 7 with dsp correction http://noaudiophile.com/Recommendations/

I don’t believe in EQ or DSP correction, or, rather, I prefer simplicity. They’re angled a bit and they touch the wall, that’s my “EQ”. :wink:

Computer/PS3 (no EQs at all) -> HDMIs -> Denon AVR (No EQs at all) -> Fluance SX6. That’s it.

(Oh, plus Wharfedale 8.1s as rears).
Yes, I’m using 100$ SX6s as my main speakers, and 300$ Wharfedales as rears (and rarely). Bought them used, tried them, didn’t like em, too V-shaped, strange details, put them 10ft across the room for a 4.0 setup.

I’ve seen several GOOD reviews on the SX6, I dont mind playing with an EQ a lil bit…

Anyone running the Fluance SX6 surround package?

Or the Towers version?

Wow. If the towers are as good a value as the bookshelf, that’s a lot of sound for $500!!

I’m still rocking a pair of SX6s due to Zeos’ video review about 5 years ago. I’ve put a TON of hours on them and they still make my ears happy. I’d like to experiment with other speakers (like the Micca RB42s for example), but I’m still pretty happy with my SX6s. For poos and giggles, here is my favourite review on YouTube for the SX6…Zeos’ review is good too, of course! :wink:

By the way, Zeos even re-reviewed these lately… (5 years later!)

…and complained about one thing: When loud, the treble is too much… but he was 3ft higher than the tweeters when he said that! It’s like +5dB of treble with these, and the treble is already too much!

In my room, they’re on a high shelf. My ears are 2ft lower than the tweeters. This is like a “natural” -5dB treble EQ, and it also adds sub-bass. So they’re flat AF.

100% recommended for high shelves or wall corners. So much… I just bought a second pair for a “4.0” setup. Rears will also be at the same height. :ok_hand:

Also, I just did a test with my dB meter. The woofers are starting to actually move… when electronic music kicks are at 90dB. Lol.


If you ever wondered how easy it is to “mod” speakers… I removed the foam from my HD58Xs for more openness/soundstage… put one piece of blutac on each of my SX6s (metal part around the tweeter), and just doing this makes em sound almost muffled. Not recommended actually. This tweeter does a lot – a lot of good things. :slight_smile:

I’ll need like, 2mm foam or something (this is more like 4mm). And it’s just because I’m treble-sensitive… and messing around.

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If anyone got these and wants a DAC, no need to mess with foam:

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Have had the SX6s in the living room for a few years and love them… BUT this Christmas the wife bought me a Cambridge Audio AXA amp and a pair is SX50s for my home office setup, sound wise the Cambridge speakers are better sounding than my fluance SX6.
But I will keep those in my living room.

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Bold text added for everything SX6-related.

TL,DR: These two pair very well together. 100$ speakers, a 100$ subwoofer, and a 100$ (eBay find) Denon AVR is all you need if you or someone you like wants a cheap 2.1 “home cinema”.

Obviously, for “critical listening”, look elsewhere. But for games, music, movies, netflix? Good luck beating that for the price.

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