Focal Bathys Support on Non-Authorized Focal Dealer Purchases


if purchased from a non-authorized Focal dealer like from eBay, Craigslist, Kijiji or other, does anyone know where repairs might be done on them?

Focal seems quite strict about providing any support if not purchased from an authorized Focal dealer.

NOTE: Products bought from a non-authorized retailer do not carry the original Focal warranty. This means that if you buy from a non-authorized retailer and you encounter a problem with the product, you will have to go back to that retailer to get help and we cannot guarantee the quality of the assistance you will then receive.”

Obviously, if one buys from an individual off eBay, there’s no way that seller’s gonna provide support for any repairs or replacement parts like a replacement battery which will invariably need to be replaced when it runs down.

Thx in advance for any comments or insights on this……Regards :blush:

It depends on what work they need. Do you know what’s wrong with them? If they need parts then it’ll probably have to go back to France for out of warranty repair which isn’t going to be cheap. If it’s a wire loose and needs soldering you’d be in luck. Up to 30 days you can buy a warranty on eBay, or up to a year after purchase the Asurion warranty on any Amazon used or reseller purchase. First thing is narrow down what’s wrong, driver failure, or just a ground wire vibrated loose on a lucky day.

I’m most concerned with getting a battery replacement done which invariably will be needed as batteries all eventually wear down. And the big question is what options - if any - might be available as sending them back to Focal does not seem possible given their warranty strictly pushes an owner back to one of their Authorized dealers for any needed support for repairs or replacement parts. So for someone buying a used or new set of Focal Bathys from somewhere else like eBay or Craigslist, what’s to be done for them?

Just try and contact Focal try to get a warranty anyway, and if/when they give you the inevitable, “this isnt covered under warranty” see if they’ll let you do an out-of-warranty repair, basically just let them charge you for it. If that doesn’t work, might be SOL, find someone on a forum trust-worthy (hopefully) or learn to do the replacement yourself.